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REVIEW: Dekoni Elite Earpads for Audeze LCD

REVIEW: Dekoni Elite Earpads for Audeze LCD

Closing thoughts

Dekoni have hit another huge home run with their family of Elite LCD pads. Not only are they well presented, beautifully made from premium materials, exceptionally comfortable and easy to install, they also give you the option of keeping intact the LCD’s already superb sonics, or tweaking them slightly to taste.

While removing the stock pads can be traumatic for some, this isn’t Dekoni’s doing, and with luck Audeze will rethink their pad installation design for future LCD revisions. That aside, Dekoni’s pads offer a viable – and in my opinion preferable – alternative to Audeze’s already excellent pads, and significantly better value at around half the price of original pads.

Just keep in mind comfort issue and clamp force, but if you have a normal noggin, that won’t be an issue. Also keep in mind how the fenestrated pads change the LCD sound, and whether or not that’s to your liking.

If you’re undecided, my suggestion would be to buy both, and soft-install each of them to hear the difference before deciding for yourself. In my case it didn’t take long to decide on the solid Elite sheepskin pads for my personal use.