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REVIEW: Dekoni Bulletz – Foam Doesn’t Get Better Than This

REVIEW: Dekoni Bulletz – Foam Doesn’t Get Better Than This

Closing shots

Much like how their Elite Sheepskin pads ‘fixed’ the Elear, Dekoni’s Bulletz have now fixed my previously skewed perception of foam tips for IEMs. Not only are they made from a foam material unlike most that I’ve seen on the market – less destructive and much softer to the touch – they’re also (according to Dekoni) washable too. That means you can actually use them for longer periods without turning them into little oval earwax candles.

If I have to be critical, the first pair of tips I tried were accidently squashed and distorted by the clamp of the IEM’s storage box, and for some reason didn’t regain their normal shape afterwards. None of the other Bulletz had this problem, so hopefully it was a once-off. And speaking of storage boxes, I was a little disappointed that the Bulletz didn’t ship with some sort of box or pouch. Even a plastic packet would have sufficed, but instead, once released from their blister pack, it’s up to you to find a place to keep the spares. Minus half a star for that.

Minor quibbles aside, I’ll leave you with this: if you’re looking for foam tips that fit like a glove and don’t change the quality of the sound from your expensive IEMs, bite the bullet and get yourself some Dekoni Bulletz. They come in two bore sizes (Gemini – small, and Mercury – larger), and three fit sizes (S, M and L), so there’s always going to be a tip combination with your name on it.

Comply might be the bigger name, but Dekoni is quickly making a big name for themselves in the world of in-ear audio.