REVIEW: FH7 – FiiO’s Fabulous Flagship

REVIEW: FH7 – FiiO’s Fabulous Flagship

Closing thoughts       

The FiiO FH7 is the culmination of a steady evolution of the company’s in-ear monitors, and sets a new bar for features and quality in its price bracket. It follows the success of FiiO’s two previous IEMs, the hybrid FH5 and all-BA FA7 (described here), but kicks up the performance of both by several notches.

While the overall sound is balanced, bordering on neutral, the FH7 still knows how to deliver visceral bass when required, sublime (albeit dry) mids, and smoothly extended treble with plenty of air. It presents a clear, direct, surprisingly detailed and very refined sound, with a punch that packs a wallop. The versatility makes it equally at home with modern pop and rock as it is with vocal jazz and classical orchestras. 

I suspect there may be something amiss somewhere between the mids and highs that adds a high-frequency shadow to some female vocals, but that could also be a factor of source, tip choice, cable or even my own hearing. That I don’t hear it with other IEMs, however, suggests the FH7 is not quite as silky as it could be.

Minor sonic quibbles aside, FiiO has once again upped the bar on value when it comes to their higher-end products, pricing them in and among mid-tiered competitors with features and quality that belie their cost. The FH7 is no different, and I can honestly say that if you enjoy the sound signature, you’ll struggle to find another IEM that can do what the FH7 can do, is built as well, and ships with so many quality accessories for the same price.    

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