IMPRESSIONS: DD Making Portable Plug-And-Play Fashionable (Again)

IMPRESSIONS: DD Making Portable Plug-And-Play Fashionable (Again)

As audio gear enthusiasts, it’s easy to sometimes forget the ‘bits and pieces’ that make our gear work as well as well as it should. The accessories that we overlook or take for granted…until we need them.

DD Electronics ( is a young Chinese startup that makes a very narrow niche of accessories, like DAP cases and adapters, primarily, it seems, for FiiO products. That’s likely because it was founded by an ex-FiiO executive, or so I’m told. 

But regardless of origins or brand affiliations, the company piqued my interest when I started looking for a dedicated bag I could use to carry a DAP, IEMs, cables and other bits and pieces. You’d think these things would be dime-a-dozen, but alas, when it comes to the sort of quality and convenience we expect from the rest of our gear, our choices seem to be rather limited.

Along with bags and cases, DD also makes a set of unique adapters for IEMs and headphones that convert your cables from balanced to single-ended, and from 2.5mm balanced to 4.4mm balanced connectors. While the function of the adapters isn’t unique (there are plenty of adapters to-and-from every format you can think of), the design of DD’s adapters is unlike anything I’d seen before. 

Fast forward a few weeks, and I’ve been happily using DD’s C-2019 Hi-Fi Carrying Case and DJ35A and DJ44A adapters, and have been so impressed that I wanted to share my experience with you.