IMPRESSIONS: Has FiiO made the world’s best true wireless IEMs?

IMPRESSIONS: Has FiiO made the world’s best true wireless IEMs?

64Audio are not renown for their wireless products, in fact I don’t think they make any wireless products at all. 

Except thanks to Chinese audio giant FiiO, they now do. And by plugging my very-much-wired 64Audio U12t IEMs into FiiO’s new UTWS1 Bluetooth adapter, I may have found the world’s very best true wireless IEMs.

Ok, so the headline was (only slightly) misleading, and this review isn’t really about IEMs. Except it is, but not just my IEMs – any IEM. The beauty of the FiiO UTWS1 is that it works with just about any IEM with an MMCX or 2-pin connector, which means just about every IEM ever made.  

But can this little wireless wonder really ditch the cable and keep the sound quality of a wired connection? 

Turn the page to find out…

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  1. Great review thanks, i just got the new FIIO BTR5 ( portable high fidelity BT amplifier ) i been using it with my IEM Campfire Polaris2 and my Shure SE846, using my iPhone 11 Max as the audio source and i tell you sometimes is hard to tell the difference when using my Astell & Kern SR15 wired (2.5 balance or 3.5 cables )
    it seems wired and the bluetooth gap is getting closer for a fraction of the price i guess i won’t need my Astell&Kern no more.

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