IMPRESSIONS: Has FiiO made the world’s best true wireless IEMs?

IMPRESSIONS: Has FiiO made the world’s best true wireless IEMs?

In the box

The FiiO UTWS1 is shipped in a small, unassuming square box, inside of which you’ll find the twin earpiece receivers inside a patterned zip-up carry case. Included in the case is a twin-headed micro USB cable, used to charge both earpieces simultaneously. 

It’s a shame FiiO couldn’t figure out how to design a rechargeable case for the UTWS1, but then this is no ordinary true wireless device, and a case would have had to account for different sizes and shapes of IEMs. 

The case supplied, and the earpieces themselves, are very well made, as you’d expect from any product bearing the FiiO logo. Each earpiece contains an elongated cylinder that fits behind the ear and houses the ‘smarts’ of the Bluetooth DAC and amplifier, along with a pushbutton and microphone.

A short, curved rubbery cable extends from each cylinder, designed to ergonomically fit around each ear. The cables are marked with red and blue rings around the MMCX connector version to denote right and left respectively, but oddly not on the 2-pin version.  

They may seem a bit bulky at first, but the earpieces are very light, and the cable sits flush. Once in place the earpieces disappear behind the ear, and don’t cause any discomfort even after hours of continuous use. 

Since I only have the 2-pin version, I can’t vouch for the quality of the MMCX connectors, but FiiO’s build quality track record is a good one. Overall, this is an impressive package, for what it is. 

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  1. Great review thanks, i just got the new FIIO BTR5 ( portable high fidelity BT amplifier ) i been using it with my IEM Campfire Polaris2 and my Shure SE846, using my iPhone 11 Max as the audio source and i tell you sometimes is hard to tell the difference when using my Astell & Kern SR15 wired (2.5 balance or 3.5 cables )
    it seems wired and the bluetooth gap is getting closer for a fraction of the price i guess i won’t need my Astell&Kern no more.

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