IMPRESSIONS: Has FiiO made the world’s best true wireless IEMs?

IMPRESSIONS: Has FiiO made the world’s best true wireless IEMs?

Closing thoughts

FiiO isn’t the first company to come up with a universal true wireless solution for third-party IEMs, but the UTWS1 is by far the most polished, capable and practical device I’ve seen on the market to date. 

From the clever packaging to the well-made, lightweight, comfortable earpieces, the UTWS1 appears to be seamlessly compatible with almost any IEM, with just the right balance of features and functions to make it more than a one-trick wireless pony. It may not tick all the boxes when it comes to Bluetooth codecs, and FiiO warns against using super-sensitive IEMs that might pick up some noise from its powerful receivers, but with the right combination of earpiece, you can get a lot of utility for not a lot of money.

True to form, FiiO have delivered when it comes to bang-for-buck with a product that doesn’t look out of place alongside high-end IEMs, phones and DAPs. You’ll be paying significantly more for a ready-made set of true wireless IEMs without any guarantee of better quality, especially if you already own a pair IEMs you know and love. 

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  1. Great review thanks, i just got the new FIIO BTR5 ( portable high fidelity BT amplifier ) i been using it with my IEM Campfire Polaris2 and my Shure SE846, using my iPhone 11 Max as the audio source and i tell you sometimes is hard to tell the difference when using my Astell & Kern SR15 wired (2.5 balance or 3.5 cables )
    it seems wired and the bluetooth gap is getting closer for a fraction of the price i guess i won’t need my Astell&Kern no more.

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