IMPRESSIONS: Store your headphones in style with Dekoni Savior

IMPRESSIONS: Store your headphones in style with Dekoni Savior

Better known for their range of high-quality headphone earpads and IEM eartips, Dekoni has just released what could be the first carry case specifically designed to store and safely carry full size headphones – in style.

The Dekoni Savior looks more like a camera bag at first glance, and in fact can easily double as one (more on that later). Made from a tough looking, smoothly textured light-grey fabric, the Savior appears to be very well made, with seamless stitching and quality zippers giving the bag a modern, urban appeal. 

If Dekoni was going for the stealth look, not wanting to attract attention to a pair of high-value headphones inside, they’ve done a good job. I mean, imagine the bag-snatcher’s surprise when he opens up his newly-stolen Savior only to find a pair of headphones instead of the camera he thought he was stealing! 

But jokes aside, the Savior gives even large headphones like the Sennheiser HD800 or Focal Utopia plenty of well-cushioned room, enough to fit the headphones, a spare cable, and even a portable DAP or phone, without damaging any of them. And that’s just the inside of the bag. A zippered compartment on the front gives you another pocket for smaller cables and accessories.

I managed to fit my HD800, Forza AudioWorks cable and a HiBy R6 Pro with ease. The inside compartment is subdivided in two with a Velcro divider made of the same sturdy material as the bag itself, and can be removed or reconfigured any way you like. In fact, removing the divider let me fit my Canon 5D SLR with lens attached, giving my would-be bag thief exactly what he wanted while my precious headphones were safely back at home.

Again, jokes aside, this is one roomy bag for just about anything you can think of taking with you. A full-length shoulder strap is included, making it easy to sling the on the move, and a slot on the back of the bag lets you hook it onto a belt pack for hands-free transport. A carry handle on top of the bag makes for safe handling when the bag is closed, or if you don’t want to use the strap to carry it around. 

Unlike Dekoni’s audio-altering products, the Savior is about as straightforward a product as they come. For $50 you get a versatile, well made, well sized carry case, made of weather resistant fabric, styled with modern appeal, and perfectly suited to carry and protect your favourite headphones at home or on the road.

If I have to be picky, I would have liked to see a transparent pocket for your name and contact details. Not that anyone is returning the bag once they see what’s inside, but you never know, right? And while I’m admittedly a big fan of Dekoni’s products, the giant blue logo on the front of the bag is probably a tad too much Dekoni, even for me.

I know, I’m stretching here, but there’s very little not to like. That it doubles up a general utility bag or camera bag is probably by design, though you’re unlikely to read about it in Dekoni’s marketing materials. Take it from this photographer, you can never have enough bags, and something as good looking and robust as this that does double duty for two of my favourite pastimes, it can only be a winner. 

The Savior is available directly from Dekoni, though you’ll probably have to get in line to get yours as they’re already flying off the virtual shelves.