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IMPRESSIONS: A Case for the Miter DAP Case

IMPRESSIONS: A Case for the Miter DAP Case

Once in a while in this niche hobby of ours you come across a product that serves a particular niche-within-a-niche, and wonder why it hasn’t become more mainstream. 

The Miter DAP case, made by a relatively unknown South Korean company, is one such product. It piqued my interest when, having settled on a modest collection of two high-end IEMs, some fancy cables and a very decent DAP, I needed to find a way to safely store them all together while keeping them close and accessible at the same time.

You’d think a quick Google search for “Portable Audio Case” would yield a solid list of results, but alas, not a single one that’s fit for purpose for portable head-fi (as in IEMs and DAPs). A scan of Amazon’s worldly delights similarly yields few useful options – unless you consider the endless types of cheap Made In China mini pouches useful – except, that is, for one that absolutely nails the use case: the Miter DAP case.

Fortunately, we were able to reach out to Miter, via their very friendly and responsive English-speaking representative Joey (shout out to Joey!), and within weeks of our first chat, I had a Miter DAP case sitting on my desk awaiting review. Would it be the long-sought answer for what I was looking for? 

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