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IMPRESSIONS: A Case for the Miter DAP Case

IMPRESSIONS: A Case for the Miter DAP Case

Using the case

Before you buy the Miter DAP case, the first thing you need to check is whether or not your DAP will fit. Miter recommends a maximum DAP size of 14 cm x 7.5cm x 2.3cm, which covers most average size DAPs but not some of the larger high-end models from Astell & Kern, iBasso and HiBy. If your DAP is too large, you can still get some use from the case for other gear, but there are probably other better (and cheaper) solutions.  

My personal DAP, the HiBy R6 Pro, fits perfectly with room to spare, which is why Miter includes the divider to size the compartment for your specific DAP. The riser works well too, though since it works on friction (with magnets), a heavier DAP like mine needs a steady hand, else the riser collapses down under the weight, along with the DAP. 

It’s the other side of the case where I ran into some issues. Using the divider to create two equal-size compartments for my IEMs, I quickly realised the space allowance would be too small. With the divider in place each compartment is roughly 7cm square, and less than 2cm high. Admittedly I use larger IEMs from 64 Audio, and thick 8-wire cables from PW Audio, so my use-case is not the norm, but if like me you use larger IEMs and thicker cables, you’ll probably find the Miter DAP case is too small. 

I’m particularly careful with my IEMs and cables, so need them stored carefully and without the painted metal parts rubbing against each other, so for this use case alone, the case is not ideal.

All that said, swapping out my main IEMs for a smaller pair (the ubiquitous BLON BL-03) with a thinner Forza Audioworks cable, I could easily fit both IEMs and cable into one of the two squares, which suggests for mainstream use, the case will be perfect. Also, if you only have one IEM or one cable with multiple IEMs, you can store the IEMs and/or cables separately, or remove the divider and create one larger space for all your accessories.

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