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IMPRESSIONS: Dekoni EarPlugz make safe hearing simple

IMPRESSIONS: Dekoni EarPlugz make safe hearing simple

Dekoni is a company that needs no introduction when it comes to clever ideas for portable audio. Best known for their range of premium quality aftermarket headphone pads and easy-fit IEM memory foam tips, the company has just released a new product that’s focused less on improving your sound and more on reducing it. 

EarPlugz is a collaboration with another well-known audio company (some would say audio pioneer) Etymotic, comprising a two-piece earplug that uses Etymotic’s noise attenuating technology together with Dekoni’s Bulletz foam tips to suppress noise across the frequency spectrum by up to 15dB. This may not sound like a lot at first (excuse the pun), but it’s enough to reduce even the harshest, loudest sounds to safe levels.

Are they comfortable, do they work, and what do you get for your $15 asking price?

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