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IMPRESSIONS: Dekoni EarPlugz make safe hearing simple

IMPRESSIONS: Dekoni EarPlugz make safe hearing simple

EarPlugz in action

Typical of Dekoni, EarPlugz come smartly packaged in a clear blister pack that shows off the plugs themselves and a few extra goodies Dekoni includes in the bargain. Along with the two earpieces, Dekoni includes a set of Bulletz tips in S, M and L size, a metal carabiner, and a small cylinder-like aluminium case with a screwtop and carabiner hole for easy storage and portability. 

The earpieces themselves are made of a translucent plastic that feels decently tough, and a smaller, thinner plastic ‘handle’ that sits between the body and the tip that allows for easy removal once the plugs are in your ears. Unlike many other memory foam-style earplugs, Dekoni’s Bulletz are easy to insert without having to deform them first, and are also washable after multiple uses. If you already use Etymotic or IEMs with similarly narrow nozzles, you can easily swap Bulletz tips between your IEMs and EarPlugz too.

Using the EarPlugz is as simple as picking the right tip size (medium is installed by default and works well for me), pushing the earpieces carefully into each ear, letting the foam settle for a few seconds, and voila – a far less noisy world. While I can’t vouch for the exact noise reduction level, the EarPlugz are verified and certified in the US for 15dB noise reduction, and up to 30dB reduction for certain frequencies. 

At the time of writing, European certification for the EarPlugz was still pending, but I expect European ears will yield similar benefits if I understand human physiology correctly. 

If I had one quibble with the EarPlugz it’s the small ‘handle’ I mentioned earlier, which seems to sit fairly loose and knowing me, will probably be lost at some point. That said, if you’re careful with your ‘Plugz, and keep them stored as intended in the case while not in use, they should easily last a good long while. 

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