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IMPRESSIONS: Dekoni EarPlugz make safe hearing simple

IMPRESSIONS: Dekoni EarPlugz make safe hearing simple

Closing thoughts

This was never going to be an in-depth review because, let’s face it, you buy ear plugs for one reason and one reason only: to protect your hearing against loud noise. To that end, Dekoni’s EarPlugz do what it says on the tin, do it well, are small and comfortable, and use a clever swappable tip design unlike any I’ve seen in other products. For the very fair price you get a metal storage case and a carabiner that clips to your belt or bag, so you can keep them with you at all times, and pop them in as and when you need them. 

If you care about your and your family’s hearing, go grab a few pairs and hand them out as part of their Thanksgiving or Christmas hampers. If you work in a loud environment, order a bunch for your staff and factory workers. Just don’t expect anyone to hear you over the sound of the jackhammers!

An easy recommendation from me.