IMPRESSIONS: DD Hifi 4.4mm adapters make downsizing easy

IMPRESSIONS: DD Hifi 4.4mm adapters make downsizing easy

Compatibility and sound impressions

As expected, both adapters worked flawlessly first time with every device I tested them on, including my LG smartphone and MacBook Pro (DJ44C) and EarMen Sparrow (DJ44B). The plugs make a reassuring click when inserted, and hold fast. The only downside to the size and shape of the DD adapters would be their bulk when used with smaller devices like the Sparrow, but that’s more a factor of the overall device size rather than an issue with the adapters themselves. 

As for sound, this will be the quickest summary you’ve probably read so far: they just work. Zero colouration, zero hiss, zero volume change. Whatever signal comes in to the adapters is the same signal that comes out the other side, so have no fear using your super-expensive cables with these adapters – the sound you hear will be the same with no degradation that I can detect.  

DD Hifi has built a steady reputation of creating well-designed, expertly made, premium products for the portable audio market, and the DJ44B and DJ44C adapters continue that trend. I have no hesitation in recommending DD adapters as the very best products in their class, whether you’re switching from 4.4mm down or 2.5mm and 3.5mm up.

Grab your pair of DJ44B here and DJ44C here.